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Dream Work Academy

Giving You The Courage, Clarity And Tools To Go From Career Crisis To Dream Job

Would you like to create a career you love, work in a positive culture and get paid fairly for the value you bring? How did James share his passion, strengths and stories to create several dream jobs and train many others to do the same? How do they clarify their work vision, improve their mindset to allow them to make dramatic change and self-promote appropriately to create the work of their dreams often in a new field? Learn the process that lets you choose your dream job in this free video series.

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Transformational Leader Academy

Providing You The Confidence, Clarity and Competence to Transform The People and Results Around You

Today’s leaders feel overwhelmed as they attempt to manage greater responsibility and greater uncertainty with fewer resources and less time than ever before. They try to achieve greater engagement, accountability, and execution through delegation, working longer hours and asking others for help with limited success. Becoming a transformational leader provides the focus, balance, and alignment needed to achieve key goals.

Transforming into our best self helps us identify negative behaviors and activate ideal behaviors, which automatically energize those around us. This shifts our environment from a blame and worry focus to a focus on winning which drives dramatic improvement in our ability to engage, influence and achieve results.

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