4 Steps to Meet Your Best Self Today

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(read the post below before playing the video lesson)

How do you gain the best relationships, results and income?

Can you achieve these goals without changing yourself first?

If you need to change, what do you change into?

As a coach who has helped hundreds of clients overcome fear and doubt to clarify a vision of what they want the future to hold, create a plan to make it happen and persevere long enough to achieve the impossible; knowing how you can be at your best – your best self – is key.

If you want the best, you have to become the best.

Before doing that, you have to MEET your best self.

This is hard. You may struggle with what that even looks like. You may be more consumed with the mask you wear than what’s under the mask. You may have received so much criticism in the past that you have forgotten who you really are.

The good news is . . . your body hasn’t.

The video lesson above walks you through the process which you can capture on your Best Self Worksheet

Step 1) Get centered. You’re going to do a visualization.

Visualization is effective in helping you create a new model or identity to expand how you see yourself. It can create a safe space for you to construct a persona to explore new skills and behaviors to move forward. You will now have a framework of what you want to change into.

In the visualization – you explore a vision of your best self through the five senses, identify a known personality to help you remember your best self’s traits and name your best self.

The visualization takes twenty to thirty minutes. You close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths (expanding your stomach) and begin the visualization.

2) Visualize yourself through the 5 senses. Write down what you learn.

You need to think about a version of yourself, a persona, an avatar that is your best self. Even reading about this may feel odd to you, although once you start you’ll be surprised at how well you do.

Thinking about when you are at your best . . .

What do you feel through your sense of touch and body language:

What is your posture? How does your body feel when you are standing on the ground? How fast does your best self walk? Where are your hands? When you talk and when you turn around, how do you occupy space? What gestures do you use as your best self?

What things do you see as your best self:

As you look around, what do you see? How are people engaging you? What colors do you see? When you look around and see people, how do they respond to your best self? How do they engage you?

What sounds are you hearing:

What do you hear in your environment? What do you hear from others? What type of sounds do you hear?

What smells do you experience as your best self:

What do you smell? What foods might you smell? What fragrances do you sense?

As your best self, what things would you taste:

What things do you taste? How does it taste? What flavors are you experiencing?

Lastly, what emotions are you feeling:

How does your best self feel about the world that is different from the way you do? How does your best self handle situations that are different from the way you handle them?

3) Think of an actor, actress or figure that reminds you of your best self.

Who are they? How are they similar to your best self? How do they move like your best self? How do they behave like your best self?

4) Give your best self (persona) a name.

What name do you think best embodies your best self, this identity, this persona? It can be a person or an object or a word. Have it? You can now come out of the visualization.

Meet your best self.

Some people will post what they write up on their refrigerator or share with a friend.

You can invoke your persona whenever you want to focus on being your best self. You may be facing a difficult or challenging decision. You may be entering into a new situation and want to best engage others. You may want to take new risks.

Use your persona throughout the day. You can ask yourself “how would my best self handle this situation?” It’s usually a quick answer.

As you pursue that great relationship or client. As you pull together a team to get the best results possible. As you sell yourself, and network and negotiate better income. Remember how you move through the world as your best self.

Slow down. Remember that alpha body language you described. Live it.

Create a positive emotional state. Behave as your best. You’ll be amazed by how your life changes.

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